Camden Mayor Ensnared in Abscam Dies

Camden Mayor Ensnared in Abscam Dies

By Dan Cirucci | Cross-Posted at Dan Cirucci’s Blogspot

CamdenHe was the undisputed Boss of South Jersey.

And he wielded enormous power.

He was Mayor of Camden, New Jersey when being Mayor of Camden really meant something.
He was a powerful state senator.

He hobnobbed with major business leaders, power-brokers, governors, congressman, senators and at times, even presidential aspirants. In fact, he was responsible for the election of a whole slew of government officials from the governor on down.

And all of this came to him at a relatively young age. He loved the power and the notoriety. He delighted in it — maybe too much.

Still, his future looked bright. He seemed almost omnipotent.

Then, one day it all came tumbling down.


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