Barbara’s Vegas Vacation Blues

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

The Buono for Governor campaign may’ve thought this tweet would highlight a positive contrast for its candidate:

Buono Bitter Tweet

I’m not sure it had the intended effect. It’s dripping with snark and comes across as more than a little bitter. Pleasantville is right near Atlantic City but it’s not exactly the same thing as the famed Vegas strip…

Of course, who can blame Babs for wanting a vacation to Sin City after the year that she’s had, Save Jerseyans?

A little blackjack, a nice show and a cucumber facial might be exactly what the doctor ordered. Harry Reid could certainly recommend a great restaurant (or some good real estate deals).

And Jealousy is a perfectly normal human emotion; in fact, it’s the impetus of most Democrat policy proposals.

So please don’t worry, Senator. It’s almost over. You gave up your state senate seat for a gubernatorial bid on life support. They’ll be plenty of time to search online for choice Vegas getaway packages in a few short months…

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