Mapping Nueva Jersey

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Spanish Speaking NJ MapIf you were still wondering why politicians invest heavily in Spanish-language advertising, Save Jerseyans, then here’s a stark answer from the U.S. Census Bureau.

They’ve launched a new interactive map which shows the distribution of languages in throughout the United States. Check out New Jersey to your right; each purple dot represents approximately 100 people.

Approximately 17.7% of New Jerseyans are classified as Hispanic according to the last census; that’s slightly higher than the national total of 16.3%. Roughly 6.4% of residents are believed to be illegal… is it any wonder why the ever-pandering Democrats want a Dream Act? The true wonder is how we’d pay for it.

Governor Christie launched his first Spanish-language ad of the 2013 campaign back in May and, more recently, a Paterson-based victory call center aimed at Hispanic voters.

5 thoughts on “Mapping Nueva Jersey

  1. Ones that are too lazy to learn English like every other immigrant group that proceeded them? While I understand that you are never so funny, brave or romantic as you are in your original tongue, I find it interesting that everybody else is busting their arses to assimilate but that Spanish speakers seem to lag behind. Why is that? And when we do jail ministry, we don´t see a lot of speakers of Ibo, Tagalog, Hebrew, Greek, Polish, Korean, Chinese or Russian behind bars? Why is that? English is the #1 Language in the world for business, entertainment, and the international language of aviation and finance. Inability to speak it, and speak it fluently will only limit ones opportunities. With all the available resources at ones disposal…there is NO EXC– USE to not learn English, which should be our official national language. Go to Norway, Germany, France or Australia and see if they are going to bend over backwards for you because you speak Spanish…..not going to happen.

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