Some Random Thoughts on Syria

By Dale Glading | The Save Jersey Blog

Damascus, SyriaIs it just me, Save Jerseyans, or has President Obama continued – and even expanded – virtually every foreign policy for which he criticized President Bush?

We still have troops in Afghanistan; Gitmo remains open; the Patriot Act is still in effect; NSA surveillance has been greatly increased; we overthrew a dictator in Libya and told another one in Egypt to step down; and now we are thinking of acting unilaterally – and without congressional approval – against Syria?

Does anyone remember Joe Biden in 2007 stating emphatically that he would initiate impeachment proceedings against any president who launched an attack on another country unless they attacked us first?

Or how about then Sen. Obama saying unequivocally that the president did not have the constitutional right to take military action without authorization by Congress?

It seems like there’s a big difference between being a candidate – naively making accusations against the incumbent – and actually serving as president. That’s what we get for twice electing a political neophyte, a man with no discernible resume, who never ran anything larger than a lemonade stand.

Bush 43 was roundly criticized for invading Iraq because no WMD’s were found even though most independent observers said that Sadaam Hussein was secretly transporting them to Syria right under our noses for safe keeping. Guess what just turned up in Syria? Chemical weapons, which are classified as WMD’s. The Dems all owe Dubbya an apology for that one.

According to the Dems, Bush 43 went to war against Iraq to finish what his dad started but didn’t finish. I don’t believe that for a minute, but what’s worse – ending Sadaam Hussein’s reign of terror and trying to eliminate WMD’s, or attacking Syria because our in-over-his-head president drew a “red line” a year ago and now feels pressured to back up his false bravado? It looks like American lives are going to be put at risk just so President Obama doesn’t lose even more respect in the international community.

I’m not saying what we should or shouldn’t do in Syria, Save Jerseyans, but if President Obama authorizes an attack, he should do the only honorable thing and return his Nobel Peace Prize. What a joke that award was!

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