New Christie TV Ad: “Compassion”

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

The latest TV commercial in this month’s Christie paid media blitz focuses on the incumbent’s landmark “drug court” legislation which he signed into law in July 2012:


The Governor has consistently supported penal reform in addition to reform of the nation’s narcotics laws as way to both reduce recidivism rates and corrections-related costs. In case you missed it, the former U.S. Attorney declared the War on Drugs a “failure” during a 2012 speech at the Brookings Institution.

Here’s the ad script:

Drug addiction:

It’s a sad fact of life.

It tears apart families,

It ruins lives.

We can’t forget that what we’re dealing with here is an illness, and we need to treat it that way.

Because I believe that no life is disposable and everyone deserves a second chance.

So Governor Christie worked with both parties to pass a law that gives non-violent drug offenders rehab, instead of jail time.

It’s a compassionate plan that helps people with addiction.

Chris Christie. The Governor.

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