Who’s Being Unreasonable Now?

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Closed SignRepublicans are rolling up their sleeves and working through the night in Washington, D.C., Save Jerseyans; they’re trying to avert a government shutdown that’s being precipitated by Harry Reid’s Hill Democrats.

Yes, you read that correctly. Don’t believe what you read in the major dailies or hear on the nightly newscasts. This is a crisis of the Democrats’ making.

Let’s review:

(1) The negative effects of a shutdown have been greatly exaggerated. It’s important to know what a “shutdown” really means. Even if the federal government does suspend its operations, most Americans won’t notice a difference in their day-to-day lives. “Essential” government employees such as military members, homeland security officials, vital infrastructure maintenance staff and air traffic controllers will continue reporting to work. The federal government can pay its bills.

The Postal Service won’t stop delivering mail. Federal courts will continue to hear cases, agents will patrol the border and, contrary to Democrat claims to the contrary, Social Security benefits checks will still go out. Those most likely to be negatively impacted by a shutdown are (a) non-essential federal employees including thousands of state residents who would face unpaid furloughs, and (b) those regions of the country with economies heavily dependent on national parks, all of which would stop receiving tourists in the event of a shutdown.

Inconvenient for some? Sure. Apocalyptic for America? Hardly.

(2) Republicans are doing everything they can to avoid a shutdown. It’s true! Everyone on Capitol Hill understands that shutdown fights are difficult to win. There’s bipartisan support for a GOP House proposal to continue paying our military members in the event of a government shutdown. In fact, the grounds of disagreement in this partisan fight are very, very narrow. This should be an opportunity for both sides to cut spending and, having done so, render another debt ceiling increase unnecessary. What do you do in YOUR household when money is tight: take out a loan or, before you explore financing, cut every bit of discretionary spending out of your budget? Exactly. Washington shouldn’t operate any differently, at least not in peace time.

(3) The truth? Democrats aren’t working to avoid a shutdown because they’re convinced it will politically injure Republicans heading into 2014. Harry Reid didn’t even show up for work! Democrats are also reportedly refusing to accept two common sense conditions set forth by House Republicans: (a) a repeal of the medical device tax instituted by the Affordable Care Act and (b) a one year delay of ObamaCare’s implementation. Both moves make perfect sense. Democrat leaders won’t entertain them because they want to exact a political toll on Republicans.

No one outside of the Administration/HHS thinks ObamaCare’s rollout is going well, folks. Long-time Obama backers including Democrat Sen. Max Baucus and billionaire investor Warren Buffett have been openly critical. The health care law’s most ardent boosters used to be America’s labor unions; now they’re seeking waivers on a daily basis. Many credible thinkers believe the law could trigger a new recession.

So what’s the harm in delaying the law’s implementation by one year? In order to debate the clear deficiencies and negotiate some fixes? And in repealing a single 2.3% excise tax that’s devastating medical device manufacturers and importers, costing jobs and driving up health care costs? Premiums for our society’s most productive (and already over-burdened) taxpayers are spiking across the county; there’s no hard in throwing on the breaks and talking it over!

But will President Obama negotiate any of these points with Republicans?

Nope; he’s too busy “negotiating” with Iran.

Who’s being unreasonable now, Save Jerseyans?

Do your part. If the government shuts down and the media starts parroting the “blame Republicans” narrative, take what we’ve discussed in this post and share it with your friends, family and coworkers. They deserve the truth.

12 thoughts on “Who’s Being Unreasonable Now?

  1. The GOP couldn't win the Presidential election with their boy Mittens who wanted to repeal the #ACA so now they are holding the country hostage by attempting to delay #ACA by a year causing a government shutdown. Don't let the rhetoric fool you, it is the GOP holing the country hostage by their obstinate bills that the Senate and the Executive Branch will not go along with. And remember tomorrow 10/1 is the day to sign up for the #ACA which will go forward despite the pettiness of the House.

  2. Bullshit there Pancho! WTF is REID to hold me hostage, and the head jack-of to mandate I have to buy anything. What is next that the Gubmint will tell us we have to buy? Salsa, Sobreros, Afr-Sheen, white bread. Another rHe-panic who wants to be "taken care of" instead of a FREE MAN!

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