A Random Conservative Rant

Some Rantings and Ravings from a Jersey Boy Living in the Sunshine State

By Dale Glading | The Save Jersey Blog

ElephantsFrom what I can see, the proposed Reid-McConnell deal in the Senate is nothing but another “kick the can further down the road” abdication of fiscal responsibility, Save Jerseyans. How I long for men and women with the political courage to take a bold and unwavering stand against out-of-control government spending… regardless of the consequences.

So what if they lose the next election – at least they can return to the private sector knowing that they did the right thing for the right reason.

I also long for an informed and educated electorate that not only holds our representatives in Washington accountable, but also votes accordingly.

Until we cast our ballots based on what is best for America instead of what is best for us individually, we will continue to elect career politicians who promise us goodies – paid for with our own tax dollars – in exchange for our votes.


In my opinion, it is time for term limits for all federally-elected offices. We did it for the president and vice-president, now let’s do it for congress. And please don’t tell me that we have term limits at the voting booth, because gerrymandering has made virtually every congressional district in America safe for one party or the other.

Why else would congress have a 7% approval rating and yet, 90-95% of all representatives are re-elected every two years?

Here’s an idea: how about if every member of the House and Senate pledges NOT to run for re-election when their current term expires? Then they would be free to make the tough but necessary decisions – and spending cuts – that they would otherwise be afraid to because of fear of angering voters and special interest groups. 

But it will never happen because too many career politicians are more concerned about their re-election chances than they are about what is best for America. Most of them have a severe case of “Potomac Fever” and refuse to give up the reins of power. How else can you explain men and women “serving” for 40 or 50 years inside the Washington Beltway, some of them until they are well into their 80’s and 90’s.

Our Founding Fathers believed in citizen representatives, not career politicians.


As I see it, every vote in Congress should be based on what is best for the next two generations, not the current one.


The “free food frenzy” that occurred at the Walmart stores in Louisiana when a computer glitch temporarily removed credit limits on EBT cards is a further indication of the moral death spiral our nation is in. I fear for the kind of country that my children and grandchildren will inherit… if the U.S. as we know it lasts that long. May God have mercy on America.

I’m sorry, but unless you have a severe disability that prevents you from working ANY kind of job – not just the job you prefer or the one you were originally trained to do – or you are temporarily out of work and looking hard for a new position, then you shouldn’t be receiving free food from the government, period.

Where is your sense of pride and personal dignity, people? And parents, start teaching your kids that individual rights carry with them individual responsibilities.

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