The Self-Interested Frank Pallone

Pallone: End the shutdown so my wife can go back to work

By Art Gallagher |

Frank PalloneCongressman Frank Pallone held a press conference at the EPA’s Edison Lab on Monday, ostensibly  to highlight how the “Republican” government shutdown is negatively impacted the middle class and is putting the environment at risk:

“It is now day 14 of the reckless Republican government shutdown that was orchestrated by extreme factions of the GOP to drive their agenda and drive us all into a national crisis. Shutting down the government hurts our economy and threatens middle-class jobs as shown right here at the Edison EPA Lab, where 100 furloughed workers have been forced to stop their work on New Jersey’s Superfund sites, among other critical environmental programs”

I’m outraged that the GOP shutdown is putting the health and safety of New Jerseyans at risk. This is no way to run the government

Pallone neglected to mention that his wife is the Deputy Associate Administrator of the EPA...


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