Pro-Christie PAC Launches in Ohio

Pro-Christie PAC Launches in Ohio

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Christie cake iconAnd so it begins, Save Jerseyans.

I’ll let you read the press release in its entirety:

Athens, OH – New political action committee Ready for Christie announced today that it has filed papers with the Federal Election Commission.

The primary aim of Ready for Christie is to convince New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to seek the Republican nomination for President of the United States. The committee recognizes that the decision to run for President is deeply personal. Ready for Christie hopes to make this decision easier for Governor Christie.
In a time when Washington politics have become bitterly divided, America is ready for a candidate who has shown the ability to unite Americans across party lines. Governor Christie has shown promise to become the Great Unifier that our country needs. He has proven his ability to win over blue state voters with assuring governance and bipartisanship. Governor Christie is the leader who can put an end to the divisiveness in Washington, and return America to prosperity and conservatism. 
Ready for Christie is founded by Midwestern supporters. Leading the organization are Joe Colby, a multimedia arts professional, and Matt McKnight, a former Congressional staffer with a finance background. Ready for Christie PAC is independent and not authorized by Governor Christie, his staff, or any other candidate or committee.
Ready for Christie has established a preliminary website at An official Facebook page can be found at and the official Twitter handle is @Ready4Christie.

Earlier today it was announced that veteran Christie staffer Matt Mowers would serves as the New Hampshire GOP’s new executive director. Like I said: the post-Christie era is already beginning to take shape here while it takes on a new form elsewhere.

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