Sitting Out 2014: The Smart Move?

Forget trying to beat Booker, the NJ GOP should plan for the next gubernatorial election

By Art Gallagher |

Booker-Corzine-Obama-and-WeinbergU.S. Senator Cory Booker is going to be elected to his own full term next November.

None of the Republicans said to be considering a challenge to Booker can beat him.

It’s not that Booker is invincible, as was widely thought prior to the Special Senate Election last October.  He is beatable.  Steve Lonegan exposed the fallacies of the Booker myth and Patrick Murray documented that Booker’s support is shallow. Had Washington Republicans not followed Senator Ted Cruz’s lead to shut down the government in October and had State Comptroller Matt Boxer released his audit of Newark’s City Government which exposed millions of wasted taxpayer money and management practices that encourage fraud in September instead of this week, Lonegan might have pulled off the upset that Booker deserved.

There’s nothing wrong with 4 of the 5 Republicans reported to be looking to challenge Booker.  Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick, Senator Minority Leader Tom Kean Jr, Senator Mike Doherty or Assemblyman Jay Webber would all serve New Jersey well in the U.S. Senate.

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7 thoughts on “Sitting Out 2014: The Smart Move?

  1. Let NJ continue to sink. Its Senators are Socialists, and its businesses and most productive citizens are and will continue to flee. 4 dead in NEWARK since Wednesday…Great Job Cory!

  2. Every election is a fight. Problem is, NJGOP has gotten used to "go along to get along". If they bothered trying they'd take back the Assembly and the Senate fairly easily. Maybe running candidates in downticket races would be a good place to start…. like mayoral races and town councils… where they've basically handed things over to the Dems.

  3. The smartest thing the NJGOP can do is sit it out…don't run a darn candidate….the more democrats stay at home (like the millions of bonehead GOP voters who stayed home 'cause Mitt was perfect) the better off our congressional candidates will be…And PS, Rob Andrews can be defeated in 2014!

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