“You Can’t Put a Price on Life”

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

No, Save Jerseyans, you can’t put a price on life. Ignorance? It comes pretty cheap in America 2013.

The following video isn’t from Saturday Night Live, Comedy Central or The Onion. It’s for realsies. Specifically, the YouTube short emedded below was the winning entry in a HHS-sponsored contest designed to reinforce sagging public confidence in the (Un)affordable Care Act; the featured young lady offers her pro-Obamacare rendition of the popular song “Price Tag.”


Sometimes there are no words…

Not quite as disturbing as the Obama kids but definitely less engrossing than Obama Girl 1.0! But thanks be to God, public polling shows that the star of this creepy propaganda piece is atypical for her generation. New polling suggests support among young Americans for Obamacare is dropping like a rock, most likely because their plans are being dropped as quickly as their premiums are skyrocketing.

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