You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out, NJ!

You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out, NJ!

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

rALPHIEEveryone loves the iconic ‘A Christmas Story’ movie in which the protagonist, a young boy named Ralphie Parker, spends the holiday season scheming to get his hands on a BB gun against the wishes of his mother who, along with other adults real and imagined, continues to insist “you’ll shoot your eye out!” TBS airs a 24-hour marathon every Christmas.

Unfortunately for #2A enthusiasts, the State of New Jersey shares Mrs. Parker’s disdain for Red Ryder and his peacemaker.

If little Ralphie lived in 2013 New Jersey instead of 1960s Indiana, the Graves Act could’ve landed him in hot water along with fines and a prison term of up to three years without the proper documentation. 

The New Jersey State Police website explains the identification and permitting procedure which, unbelievably, don’t differ in any meaningful way from what you’d experience purchasing a shotgun or rifle.

I’m wish you all a happy and healthy Christmas, Save Jerseyans, but I won’t say “free,” too. You need to leave the Garden State for that privilege.

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