Crimea, f/k/a the Sudetenland

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

How many times does history need to repeat itself before democratic peoples learn their lesson, Save Jerseyans? The answer, I’m afraid, is forever.

Here’s what the NJEA should’ve taught you in history class:


Hitler only wanted the Sudetenland (wink wink) because it was full of ethnic Germans! So he conquered it by fomenting a fake “civil war” within its borders then, perceiving allied weakness, moved to annex the entirety of Czechoslovakia.

Putin only wanted Crimea (wink wink) because he needed to “secure” a key seaport… after Ukrainians rose up and overthrew their Putin-backed dictator. Oh, and by the way, Crimea’s full of ethnic Russians, too! So he conquered it by forcing a referendum – at gunpoint – while massing an invasion force near the Ukrainian border

And a little bonus trivia: both leaders were facing bad economies AND had just hosted olympic games immediately prior…

If you can’t see the parallels as clear as day then take heed, my friend: you’re in denial or in need of a cat scan.

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  1. I’m kinda fed up with one-sided presentation of facts, even when it comes from a conservative source. The Svoboda (“Freedom”) Party that spearheaded the Ukrainian revolution and now holds about half of the appointed posts in the new Ukrainian government are the Neo-Nazis whose grandfathers welcomed Hitler’s invasion with open arms. If you doubt my word, Google up their party symbol and that of SS Panzer Division, or check the link below:

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