Pezzullo Scores Camco Line

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

The Rutgers-Camden campus near the Delaware Riverfront
The Rutgers-Camden campus near the Delaware Riverfront

Rich Pezzullo is the winner of my home county’s line, Save Jerseyans.

According to sources close to the decision-making, the charismatic Pezzullo impressed the endorsement screening committee convened by Chairman Tom Booth last week.

Camden County itself is solidly blue but it’s the most populous of the state’s southernmost seven counties (including Burlington) and, consequently, affords a sizable number of Republican votes to the victor of its GOP line.

Pezzullo’s win further muddies the rudderless New Jersey Republican Party’s U.S. Senate primary waters for 2014; the Monmouth resident now lays claim to three lines: Camden, Union, and his home base of Monmouth. Nine other counties have split between three candidates (with Brian Goldberg out in the lead with 7), and a few key counties (such as Bergen and Cape May) have declined to back anyone.


11 thoughts on “Pezzullo Scores Camco Line

  1. Every candidate in the field now has a screening committee win- Pezzullo in Camden, Goldberg in Ocean, and Sabrin/Turkavage’s split decision in Middlesex, and every candidate has an at-large convention win, most notably Monmouth for Pezzullo, Ocean (or Somerset sans screening), Sabrin in Middlesex (though he did get the screening nod, he still had a solid margin), and Turkavage in Hunterdon. So… any attempt to pick a frontrunner out of this race is a fool’s errand.

  2. The only thing that’s certain is that this primary is certainly going to be one for the ages.

  3. Glad to see a real conservative racking up some support. Tired of RINOs like Kyrillos+Goldberg.

  4. Murray looks more and more like a pathetic little loser. He started out with greater name recognition than any of the other candidates, has already run for statewide office three times, and the best he can do is one county. He can’t even get his home county to endorse him, despite being active in Bergen County politics for three decades the BCRO wants nothing to do with him. Even when Murray ran on the NJLP ticket, got over a million dollars in taxpayer funding for his campaign and debated Whitman/McGreedy, he still got less than five percent of the vote. He actually underperformed his poll numbers, which says alot. Pezzullo, OTOH, yan on the NJCP ticket with no money and no media coverage and managed to get almost as many votes as Murray the Loser. It’s time for Murray to go back to his day job collecting his government paycheck and taxpayer funded benefits for teaching at a government college.

  5. I don’t have a favorite just yet – leaning towards either Pezzullo or Goldberg, depending on who has a higher chance of breaking 40% against Mr. Twitter – but the article did sound upbeat. Is an official endorsement of Pezzullo coming, Matt?

  6. For the love of god Matt Rooney, please dont endorse Pezzullo. I would rather you endorse Cory Booker himself and just let NJ politics go in haywire. He literally is a POLITICIAN WHO WANTS POWER. That is all.

    Obviously you dont want more Taxes so Turk is out.

    Sabrin is a pathetic looser nutjob who can’t come to terms with the fact that he is loosing.

    Which leaves Bell and Goldberg…. and Bell doesn’t even know what is going on in NJ let alone this Senate race.

    Honestly, take a look at who can beat Cory Booker. Closely. Goldberg is the only one that can.

  7. How much is Goldbrick paying you to write that comment? Brian Goldberg is the greedy one here. He says he’s a conservative but not once has he ever outlined a conservative position. All he talks about is himself. I’m a Sabrin fan myself. But don’t for a second believe that Goldberg is anything but a RINO and a fraud.

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