REPORT: Golden Moves to Replace Bennett

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Shaun Golden
Shaun Golden

Our friend Art Gallagher is reporting that Monmouth County’s GOP Sheriff Shaun Golden is intent upon seeking the Monmouth County Republican Chairmanship at the June 10th committee assembly, Save Jerseyans, a position currently held by former Governor John Bennett.

The two reportedly sat day to discuss it over breakfast. Whether it ends up being a battle or a transition remains to be seen. “Golden’s candidacy creates either a passing of the torch or a potential showdown with incumbent Chairman John O. Bennett III,” Art concludes. “Bennett has previously said he would seek a second term, but has yet to return phone calls about Golden’s candidacy.”

Golden is younger and popular with the county committee, and he recently passed on an attempt to draft him into the 2014 CD6 race against Frank Pallone; Republicans nevertheless continue to perform well countywide in Monmouth despite localized gains in recent cycles by the Democrat organization led by millenial Vin Gopal, and Bennett has protected his flank from recent challenges. To be continued…

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