MacArthur v. Lonegan Debate Set

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Tom MacArthur (left) and Steve Lonegan (right) are vying for the CD3 GOP nomination.
Tom MacArthur (left) and Steve Lonegan (right) are vying for the CD3 GOP nomination.

It’s like Christmas in May, Save Jerseyans, at least for those of us who enjoy high-stakes political combat. Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Embrace it!

I’m referring to an upcoming radio debate between CD3 contenders Tom MacArthur and Steve Lonegan scheduled for next Wednesday 5/21. The exact time and location (somewhere in CD3) are still TBD but both candidates have committed to participate.

Lonegan discussed the debate on Tuesday morning when he called into Dominic Giordano’s radio program on the Philadelphia talk station 1210 AM.

We’ll share additional details with you when they become available…

MacArthur also appeared on Tuesday’s show and defended himself from the oft-repeated Lonegan charge that he isn’t a real Republican by offering a constrast.“Our records as mayors is totally different. Steve talks about being a conservative but he delivered anything but conservative results as a mayor,” said MacArthur. “He raised taxes nine times, increased operating expenses dramatically, 25 percent, and I think, worst of all, he couldn’t balance his budget. He was bailed out by the state six times. That’s not conservative governance. He was incapable of delivering good results.”

Both men are scheduled to be in Burlington County tonight for campaign events. MacArthur will hold a fundraiser after accepting the endorsement of departing Congressman Jon Runyan; Lonegan will hold a town hall in Medford and accept the endorsement of its mayor, Chris Buoni, a known intra-organizational dissenter to the openly anti-Lonegan Burlington GOP.

Mayor Buoni’s endorsement stands as a notable exception to the 160+ other CD3 local and county officials who have come out behind his endorsee’s opponent.

“Over the years, Steve Lonegan has been a consistent voice for common sense in Washington,” Buoni declared in a statement distributed by the Lonegan campaign on Tuesday. “He has been clear and has never wavered in his belief in limited government and fiscal sanity. More importantly, Steve Lonegan has a plan for how he will be an effective Congressman. The other candidates may be intelligent people who have conservative ideals, but are they prepared? Do they really understand what it will take to make a difference in Washington and do they have the will to follow their convictions; even when the opposition is strong? So far, I have only heard one candidate, Steve Lonegan, articulate an actual plan. That’s why Steve Lonegan has my support.”


42 thoughts on “MacArthur v. Lonegan Debate Set

  1. Buoni endorses fellow nutjob. Maybe he should take his yelling and screaming routine door to door for Lonegan and see how that works.

    On a related note I look forward to seeing if Lonegan finds lying in person just as easy as he does lying through his inept staff.

  2. The so-called “sane” people we have in office now have created the quagmire that we find ourselves mired in. Anyone who comes up with ideas to remedy the problems and pave the way for fiscal solvency (i.e. Ron Paul, Steve Lonegan) is repeatedly dismissed as “insane” or “a nutjob”. We have to ask ourselves this: can the so-called “nutjobs” possibly do a worse job than the “sane” people?

  3. Actually it has more to do with how he conducts himself as a public servant more than anything else, something you know nothing about, just as you are completely ignorant about Buoni’s record. So your whole question is based on a false premise, and that’s before you even get to Lonegan’s abysmal record as big government liberal.

  4. While Tom MacArthur was busy shining his coins or admiring his reflection in the mirror, Steve Lonegan was out there fighting for taxpayers. He pushed back against Obamacare, the “asset monetization” plan, and out of control borrowing on the part of both Democratic & Republican Governors. You could say that his motive was to put his name out there and establish himself as a candidate for office down the road, but these actions proved that he is someone that is looking out for our best interests. We have no evidence that MacArthur will fight for us the way Lonegan has. I see him being another Boehner puppet and Republican who votes to fund Obamacare, just like Jon Runyan turned out to be. That’s right – look it up. Voting to repeal it means absolutely nothing when you cast a vote to fund the federal government, which means that Obamacare gets funded as well.

  5. I can see this devolving quickly in to a whiny catfight of teenage girl proportions.

  6. “Fighting” for taxpayers? Getting paid to give speeches is hardly fighting, and where did that fighting get anyone? It certainly worked out well for community organizer Steve Lonegan, who collected a paycheck that way. I suppose it worked well for lemmings like you as well, you get fooled in to thinking someone actually cares about you. Maybe you can get him to speak at your birthday party!

    Availability runs from June 4th to the start of whatever losing campaign he starts next.

  7. Did he collect a paycheck for the times he sued the state over borrowing presided over by former Govs. Whitman & Corzine? Oh, and if you want to talk about “lemmings” … that would be people who support someone just because the establishment backs them. Yeah, the establishment, led by the Boss Norcross of the NJ GOP, George Gilmore. There’s a completely selfless saint of a man, right? Has a law firm that has long benefited from his political ties … wow, what a great guy! And if Tom MacArthur was so great, why couldn’t he get the endorsement on his own merits instead of tossing them a $25,000 grant? That very same self-funding that some people tout as a good thing also brought us such fantastic luminaries such as Jon Corzine, Mike Bloomberg, Arnold Schwarzenegger & Mitt Romney, all of whom had job approval numbers that usually ranked in the low 30s or less. Finally, I can’t help but notice that, while you sure can tear down Lonegan, you can’t talk up MacArthur. Well, from what I’ve seen, you’re in very good company with that.

  8. I’m just sitting here smiling. Nobody that strongly for either will ever vote for me, but the positions taken by both sides show how weak the argument is that either is ready/able to do much of anything…no program other than MacArthur’s “I’m not Steve Lonegan” – few are, Tom. As to Steve, he’s quite a bit more extreme than I am, but at least he doesn’t tailor his response so readily to his audience. Tom makes Aimee Norcross look like easy pickings. The elephants in the room are 1) bought and paid for endorsements 2) how he made his ‘fortune’ 3) “1600 Wheelchairs”. There is a fourth, but I’m saving that one in case he wins. It’s not minor. Again, I hold no illusions that the majority of readers here will vote for me – but they certainly aren’t going for Aimee – and, once the truth is out there – the choice will be “Not Tom” or “Stay Home”.

    Thought Steve would have had a stronger “ground game” – guess we’ll know in June.

  9. Tl;dr is Steve going to sue himself for the millions he wrongfully procured via public campaign financing? Funny how the line for fiscal prudence ends at Steve’s own pocket. MacArthur in a walk, the rest is just noise.

  10. Those of us who support Steve Lonegan are obviously doing it because we agree with his platform, know how hard he has always fought for NJ taxpayers and really believe in him. I think many of the ones who are supporting MacArthur are part of the GOP Establishment, their cronies or wannabes and social climbers. So, it’s Grass Roots versus The Machine.

  11. Those of us who support Tom MacArthur are obviously doing it because he will look out for the interests of the 3rd District as opposed to working to ends that run directly in contradiction to those interests, like restoring the shore (which Lonegan has gone on record as opposing) and making sure that the defense sector jobs in the district remain (which Lonegan would decimate with draconian cuts). One knows how to create jobs the other just spouts rhetoric to sate his cult like followers. The “grass roots” argument is laughable since the tea party groups that endorse him have complained about their own lack of activity and action. Though I am sure they will still try to take credit for MacArthur’s victory this November.

  12. Steve Lonegan opposed a bill that was loaded with wasteful spending, and you spin his stance as opposition to “restoring the shore”. The MacArthur campaign attacks Lonegan’s support for the flat tax, and since it fails to put forth an alternative, we have no other choice but to take that as support for the current progressive loophole-addled tax code. MacArthur’s supporters are either responsible for all the smoke and mirrors, or they’ve been fooled by them. Lonegan is the clear conservative who will do what’s best for 3rd District constituents instead of the GOP establishment and the big government Republican machine led by John Boehner.

  13. Steve Lonegan is an out of touch borrow and spend liberal who would do nothing more than contribute to an already toxic environment in DC all while stripping the district of opportunity and prosperity- and that’s not spin, hell its basically a Lonegan press release. The problem with trying to run for office everywhere is that eventually you run afoul of a certain constituency. For Steve that happens to be CD3, a district he either has zero knowledge of or just doesnt care because he needs to maintain his cult following of Middle School graduates. But fear not, after being rejected by voters 6 times I’m sure the 7th isn’t going to hurt as much.

  14. In the meantime I got my daily news briefing from the MacArthur campaign, another brochure in my mailbox detailing how Lonegan stole $3 million from taxpayers by fraudulant means when he ran for Governor in 2009, and is being sued by a taxpayers group to recover the money. My theory is that Christie knew about the fraud, but let it pass because he knew he was going to beat Lonegan anyway and didn’t want to fracture the party.

  15. Go back to Philly and worry about your own elections, Rivka.

  16. I’ll say it again: Steve Lonegan FOUGHT borrowing by Democratic & Republican Governors alike during the Whitman and Corzine administrations. What was Tom MacArthur doing at those times? I couldn’t tell you, but he certainly wasn’t fighting for us. And you want to talk about a toxic environment in DC: you’re right about that, and that’s why I would rather have an independent thinker in Steve Lonegan representing us than an establishment puppet like Tom MacArthur.

  17. You got your daily dose of propaganda. He repeats things enough times that he thinks he can convince enough lemmings to believe it’s true. Well, you support our idiot Governor who has increased spending to unprecedented levels and nearly doubled Port Authority tolls while his jackass incompetent politically connected lawyer friends continue to abuse the public trust. I don’t expect you to be on the side of rational thought here.

  18. “Fought” meaning gave speeches to the same people over and over again. His one chance to govern, he didn’t put his money where his mouth is and just borrowed and spent. No wonder voters have rejected him 6x

  19. You sound like you work for the MacArthur campaign with your parroting of talking points. Maybe Lonegan would have won if the establishment had backed him instead of some of the jackasses that it did get behind. And if we had elected him Governor, we wouldn’t have the highest budget in state history, politically connected lawyers running the Port Authority, and we damn sure wouldn’t have had our tolls nearly doubled to foot the bill for their ineptitude like what has happened under Christie.

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