Pezzullo Launches Radio Spot

Pezzullo Launches Radio Spot

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Radio TowersIn a low-budget GOP U.S. Senate primary that’s happening largely under the general public’s radar, Save Jerseyans, candidate Rich Pezzullo is the latest potential Booker challenger to take to the radio waves as June 3rd rapidly approaches.

Speaking directly to the audience, Pezzullo touches on a number of substantive topics in the ad including recent overtures by Democrats to hike the federal minimum wage, arguing that this proposal “won’t create jobs and extending unemployment benefits won’t improve the economy” and declaring his belief that “Republicans need to be strong voices for the free market, not more big government.”

He’s not alone in radio land. Murray Sabrin and Jeff Bell are also running radio spots in lieu of prohibitively pricey television commercials; Brian Goldberg, who boasts the largest collection of county lines, is primarily sticking to biographical and issue-based web videos.

Pezzullo’s 60-second spot is up on 12 stations touching the New York, New Jersey, Atlantic City, and Philadelphia media markets. Let me know what you think…


25 thoughts on “Pezzullo Launches Radio Spot

  1. I think Sabrin is on NJ’s radio station, 101.5 FM. I didn’t know Bell was on the radio also.

    By the way, Matt Rooney: Sabrin is attacking Goldberg on Twitter (again), and this time it’s about violating FEC rules (in Goldberg’s latest youtube ads). Undoubtably entertaining news.

  2. I’m surprised Goldberg can pay for Facebook advertising. Math tells us his lines likely won’t get him too far above 20% with all the buzz about his opponents- and 35% is the magic number in this race.

  3. Maybe common core math, but the formula you’re using may only be valid in a couple counties due to the turnout predictions

  4. I don’t believe that voters are dumb enough to vote for a candidate they have never heard of. They’ll look at Brian Goldberg, say, “Who?” and then vote for one of the three candidates they’ve heard on the radio and had calling their house. Especially considering that he hasn’t made a single reported visit to Ocean County since he was given their line by King George, while Pezzullo has been openly campaigning there furiously, I’m not thinking he’ll be able to do well enough there to capitalize on his turnout advantage.

  5. Personally, I don’t think anyone will get above 30%. In terms of who will win, I give a slight edge to Pezzullo over Sabrin. It’s still anybody’s game and Bell’s PAC money could make him more relevant late in the game, but as far as I’m concerned Goldberg is finished, done for, over.

  6. I wouldn’t count Goldberg out. He has the most endorsements. The turnout is going to be so low that he can probably actually gain from it.

  7. But I do agree, I think this is Pezzullo’s to loose. I think it is between Pezzullo and Goldberg. Pezzullo has a huge groundwork game, which is why I give the edge to him. But Sabrin isn’t going far and Bell will split his vote. Its going to be very interesting. Pezzullo 30, Goldberg 28, Sabrin 22, Bell 20 But the vote totals way lower than that.

  8. I recently met Rich Pezzullo and liked what he had to say, which was pretty much what this ad did a good job of summarizing. Will be voting for him on June 3rd.

  9. Think the die hard Ron Paul republicans will be out for Sabrin and the Tea partiers will be out for Pezzullo? Maybe the conservative/libertarian vote will be split between Sabrin and Pezzullo, giving Bell the upper hand. I agree, Goldberg is imploding as a candidate.

  10. I don’t see how GB is imploding. He released some good commercials today. Look at Sabrin’s garbage and tell me that its better lol i think Pezzullo is the leading candidate. But again, GB has set the bar very high. Bell could have the upperhand, but being a Ron Paul supporter myself, Sabrin would be decent. But he cant win. Bell talks about the Gold standard all the time, which strikes ONE cord with the Ron Paul in me. But he has a terrible campaign. Thats why I agree that its Pezzullo vs Goldberg. Pezzullo would probably get my vote though if he had the ability to bring people together, like Goldberg does.

    Honestly, I think the Libertarian candidate for Senate is getting my vote this year, Im sittin June 3rd out.

  11. You know, I would’ve thought a Ron Paul supporter like you would vote for Murray Sabrin. I think Goldberg is done only because he has no money. He has a few investigations on his plate (the campaign staffer thing, and now the accusations by the Sabrin camp about violating FEC guidelines. may or may not be true). Plus, he’s never run for public office before. Only thing he has are the lines, which in my opinion don’t carry the weight they are assumed to carry. I’m still thinking Sabrin and Pezzullo in the stretch, only because Pezzullo’s camp is hitting the lines and has unmatched organization and Sabrin has the name from 1997, 2000, 2008 and the money on hand to advertise.

    Moment of truth comes in just a few days!

  12. Exactly. Its not illegal at all. The Sabrin campaign should really do their research before doing anything like this,

  13. A lot of Ron Paul supporters can’t support Sabrin. Have you watched his terrible youtube videos? He has nothing. Ron Paul had this certain likeablity aspect of him. Sabrin doesn’t. Just because Ron Paul endorsed him, doesn’t mean he is “god”. ya know just look at lonegan. both pauls endorsed him. but, while i wish him well and dont really think macarthur is amazing by any means, isnt really doing well.

    When it comes down to it, Pezzullo doesn’t have organization. He has the LOOK of organization. Theres strong patches in Union and Monmouth and hes using what he has to make his campaign look strong. I give him props for that, but if you look at sabrin, he is literally a monster. attacking goldberg and pezzullo and he actually has nothing of substance to attack them on. now, dont get me wrong, im not voting for goldberg or pezzullo or sabrin or bell. but when you look at goldberg, its literally the most annoying thing ever seing sabrins attacks that are the most silly thing ever. i dont want that in the senate. thats what the democrats do. attacking over bs things like that.

    the radio ads mean nothing. people arent going to go out of there way to vote if there is no other big elections thats what noone understandss.

    i think i would place money on that goldberg having the win. pezzullo seems in good shape. but i think sabrin is really dumb for doing what he is doing and bell isnt all there either.

    sorry for all these mistakes english isnt my first language and im using two translators

  14. Pezzullo has organizations in every county. Come to think of it, reading his social media, he’s actually weaker in Union than most places. He’s built strong coalitions in Monmouth Ocean Camden and Bergen that’re going to carry him.

  15. I absolutely agree. Sabrin knows he’s running in a distant third place behind Pezzullo and Goldberg and he’s desperately grasping at straws to try and take them down.

  16. What’s so bad about the videos? One about the 2nd amendment, which is actually a well scripted ad. The other two are radio ads that are airing over NJ radio. The other videos are on a different Murray Sabrin youtube account. His 2014 campaign account has only 3 videos, which I just described. And while Sabrin’s attacks are repetitive after a while, his attack about the Goldberg staffer has some substance to it. You need to be aggressive to take on Booker, and Murray is the only candidate that can debate Booker. If I were Booker and I had to debate Murray, I would shit in my pants. That’s the guy we need to nominate. A lot of people assume that Ron Paul endorsed candidates are “god,” but I’m not one of them. All I’m saying is that Sabrin is in line with Dr. Paul on 99% of the issues, he just has a different style. Ron Paul played the nice, non-aggressive type while Murray Sabrin is the attack dog type candidate. That attack dog persona is what is needed to beat Booker. Goldberg = out of the question. Pezzullo = tries to come off tough, but just screams. No money, no name. Jeff Bell = running on a return to the gold standard and is from last century’s era of politics. “zzzzzz” I might fall asleep if Bell is the GOP candidate.

    Look, whoever the nominee is, we need to get Booker out. I’m simply arguing that Murray has the best shot. You can feel differently, it’s a free country.

  17. At least pezzullo doesnt take or want the opportunity go and tarnish a person’s character like sabrin does. but we will definitely see who wins on tuesday. the best part is that no one can say for sure because of how weird the election is. each person has a 25% chance of winning. there is no clear front runner no matter who u like.

  18. You all are missing the point. The FEC guidelines refer to ALL forms of public communications, Youtube videos included. Do your research assuming that the Sabrin camp assumed.

  19. Agree 100% Sabrins really dumb to do this. It only makes Pezzullo and Goldberg look better. And he go ahead and does that and its only youtube videos. As long as its no tv or radio, he doesnt have anything to worry about. good for Goldberg for releasing this ad tho. its actually better than sabrin’s amateur second amendment video.

  20. “Specific requirements for radio and television communications authorized by candidates. In addition to the general requirements of paragraphs (b) and (c)(1) of this section, a communication that is authorized or paid for by a candidate or the authorized committee of a candidate (see paragraph (b)(1) or (b)(2) of this section) that is transmitted through radio or television, or through any broadcast, cable, or satellite transmission, must comply with the following:”

    its simple. youtube is safe.

  21. The second one was terrible. It looked like a 5th grader made it. And yes, I agree, it did have substance about the staffer, the other ones are completely nit-picky. Why hasn’t he gone after Bell at all or Pezzullo with the same force as Goldberg? Pezzullo is going to win! How is Sabrin going to let him?

    And actually, in a debate, I would go to sleep over sabrin. hes literally a college teacher. bell would boreee me to. i think pezullo would be the best debater. goldberg would hold his own.

    I would normally agree that murray would be in the best position, but i dont see it. i actually have a tough time seeing how anyone is in a good position.

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