Echoes of Obama in Helmetta

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

I’m not going to pass judgment on the substance of the incident behind this viral YouTube video, Save Jerseyans, where Helmetta, New Jersey Special Police Officer Richard Recine is seen telling a resident that, in his not-so-humble opinion, police don’t have to follow the U.S. Constitution because President Obama doesn’t follow it.

It’s now reportedly the subject of an internal affairs investigation. We’ll see where it goes. I want context; at first glance, I’m reminded of a recent incident where a frustrated border agent vented to a trucker about the state of our immigration system.

What I will say? Elections have consequences. My entire generation doesn’t think oral sex IS sex because, as Bill Clinton taught us as school children in the 90s, definitions are contingent upon the definition of the word “is.” In this case, we elected a man – Barack H. Obama, who continually demonstrates no respect for the rule of law. He may not believe in trickle down economics but we’re finding that his tyrannical approach to public affairs is, in fact, trickling down across the country in a million different, dangerous, scary ways that go well beyond health care and border control:




2 thoughts on “Echoes of Obama in Helmetta

  1. And of course, though you no doubt feel differently, it’s because of the constant drumbeat of conservatives over the past two or three decades that only they know the Constitution’s true meaning and that any other interpretation is suspect that this cop is mouthing such nonsense. Today’s true-believer “conservatives” are more than willing to destroy America and its economy and its promises to the world in order to “save” it and all too eager to see other good Americans, including the current president, delegitimized in the process. This cop’s poisoned rhetoric does not reflect any alleged presidential disrespect for the Constitution, it instead reflects the “talking points” of his opponents’ long and bitter campaign of misinformation. With all due respect, it’s a micro result of a macro fight people like you are waging across the nation.

  2. It’s Obama’s fault I don’t have to find the Constitution! The Party of Personal Responsibility strikes again.

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