Jeff Bell Meets the Save Jerseyans

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Jeff Bell dropped by my law offices on Monday, Save Jerseyans, en route to participate in the organized protest of Harry Reid’s Cherry Hill fundraiser for Donald Norcross.

I could talk to this guy for hours. He’s an unapologetic public policy wonk and rich depository of political knowledge going back to his years with the Reagan campaign. We did our best to drill down on a few important issues at play in 2014, the state of the race itself, the contrast between Bell and the incumbent Cory Booker (D-Twitter), and how he hopes to win this classic David v. Goliath struggle…

The NY Post says he’s surging. The most recent public poll shows him in single-digit territory. All we can say for sure is that the 2014 cycle is no time to count any good Republican out…


11 thoughts on “Jeff Bell Meets the Save Jerseyans

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    Jeff Bell is a good man and a true Reagan Republican; we need more like him in the Senate!

  2. Your interview of Jeff Bell is outstanding, Matt!! Your questions were concise and you gave Jeff uninterrupted and ample time to respond eloquently. Thank you for giving us the opportunity
    to learn more about his beliefs and goals and to fully understand the reason for his decision to seek this NJ Senate seat.

    I now know more about SAVE JERSEY and you, too. CONGRATULATIONS!


    Georgette Denlinger

    Marlton, NJ

  3. I really can’t get behind Jeff Bell. He’s spot on with monetary policy. But he is way too centralistic for the Senate. He claims to be for smaller government, but doesn’t support an end to Drug Prohibition and doesn’t support getting government out of marriage. How is that “smaller government”?

    He is also is a very pro-military. He said that we have been disengaging in the military in the last five years (and that Reagan had little military).


    Obama is probably one of the most shockingly pro-war Presidents the USA has ever had (along with Bush, Reagan, Clinton, etc. you name em.)

    I really can’t get behind a candidate that can’t even realize that our Foreign policy as the United States is immoral, unconstitutional, and unsustainable. I can’t even believe he is spot on with monetary policy, but doesn’t see how it is affected by our Foreign policy.

    Honestly, Bell should become more libertarian, like Ron Paul, and he would probably make people excited about him. He’s really not campaigning, no one knows him, and he is utterly boring (sorry). The campaign is actually more of a problem as well. He isn’t campaigning. Showing up on videos in a great and articulate interview doesn’t mean “campaigning”. Having his boring and lesser-known opponents campaigning for him isn’t “campaigning”.

    We need less government and more liberty. All around the board. Not just in monetary policy. Everywhere.

    When Jeff Bell comes to that conclusion, then I may be able to push the button for him on November 4. Until then, Joe Baratelli is the ‘only’ candidate that understands this concept.

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