(UPDATED): Atlantic County Prosecutor Reconsiders Shaneen Allen Case?

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog


Shaneen Allen’s attorney Evan Nappen fills in NRA News on a promising development – and expresses cautious optimism – surrounding his client’s ongoing legal saga in Atlantic County:

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Your voices may’ve been heard as the wheels of justice turn in Atlantic County, Save Jerseyans!

Here’s what we heard on Friday (see below); stay tuned for updates if there are any…

7 thoughts on “(UPDATED): Atlantic County Prosecutor Reconsiders Shaneen Allen Case?

  1. You only need to know ONE thing about the law, It’s NOT the law, or the facts of the case, IT”S THE POLITICS of the Court that counts, The Law ? Just ink on paper. Back in the day we used to call this a S**T Storm, and nobody want to be out in that kind of weather. LOL

  2. Well, after they practically sexually satisfied a woman beater, they need to just let this woman go completely. Asshats! !

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