Runyan Reenters the NJ-03 Fray

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Tom MacArthur (right) receiving the endorsement of Jon Runyan (left)
Tom MacArthur (right) receiving the endorsement of Jon Runyan (left)

Departing Congress out of weariness with the dominant culture, Rep. Jon Runyan has happily stayed away from the cameras thorough Election 2014 as his would-be successors, Tom MacArthur (R) and Aimee Belgard (D), beat each other up in this year’s far-and-away most contentious and competitive New Jersey federal race.

He did emerge from the bench back in May to deliver a strongly-phrased endorsement of MacArthur in the GOP Primary.

He’s speaking up again this week, Save Jerseyans, via a fundraising email as the DCCC and Hillary Clinton both converge on his district in support of Belgard.

“But Aimee Belgard can keep Hillary Clinton,” said Runyan. “Tom MacArthur is devoted to his family, successful in his business, and committed to his community. He’s the real deal, and he’s the right choice to represent us in Washington.”