Christie, Paul tied in New Hampshire

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Rand PaulConventional wisdom: if Gov. Chris Christie can’t win Iowa, then he needs to win (or would very much benefit from winning) New Hampshire, a state that’s kinder to political centrists and mavericks than other earlier primary states like South Carolina. 

He’s in striking distance.

With Mitt Romney presumably*** not running, a new poll from Bloomberg/Saint Anselm finds Christie and Rand Paul are tied for second at 16% a piece.

Close enough? Possibly. This is where Team Christie hopes his years of networking will pay dividends. As RGA chair, Christie spent significant time in the state leading up to the 2014 election and his political organization quietly oversaw the hiring of key staffers in influential NH Republican party and campaign positions.

27 thoughts on “Christie, Paul tied in New Hampshire

  1. Cruz/Paul or Walker/Paul. No Christie except maybe in a cabinet post.

  2. Neither. Walker Or Perry. This is a bull crap poll way too early. Walker not in the list nor is John Kaich. They are just as viable Governors as Christie, even more so because they have records of success. Christie will not make it out of the first couple of Southern Primaries if he makes it out of New Hampshire at all. His potential challengers haven’t even begun to show case Cristie’s negatives.

  3. Come on……their is no filter between the brain and the mouth. Christie says things that infuriate me. He used the phrase light skin negro without a negro accent when referring to Obama. 2 of my grandchildren are light skin African American children with perfect grammar. PAUL!

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