I Told You So: Moran wants to tear up Constitution after GOP Wave

I Told You So: Moran wants to tear up Constitution after GOP Wave

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

We’re tired of being right about these bedwetters and mouthbreathers, Save Jerseyans, but they’re just so damn predictable. Take for instance the Star-Ledger‘s thin-skinned editorial board chief Tom Moran.

I made this prediction a few weeks before last Tuesday’s Republican wave washed hundreds of Democrats at the local, state and federal levels out to sea:

And then, like clockwork, Moran took to the Internet on Friday and threw a public shit fit over the GOP Senate takeover, blaming the Founding Fathers for Ted Cruz’s “hold” on the once-august body:

“The problem is that all states, big or small, get the same two seats in the Senate. That gives a nearly vacant state like Wyoming the same heft as California or New York. It gives a voter in Cheyenne 66 times more power than a voter in San Francisco in shaping the Senate.”

I don’t have the time or energy to explain to explain why the Framers deliberately decided upon a representative republic – not a pure democracy – when they gathered in Philadelphia. He needs to put down Hard Choices and discover Federalist No. 63. But as usual, logic has absolutely nothing to do with Tom Moran’s reaction. He’s like the rest of them: a movement liberal who wants to see this country transformed to comport with his vision of what the world should be NOW, and any and all means to get there are justified by the desired end.

At least get your facts straight.

Granted, I agree with Tom insofar as gerrymandering is a problem (though his hyper-emotional rants conflates this point with vitriol aimed at Ted Cruz, a Senator?) but it cuts both ways. In 2013, when Chris Christie won a statewide landslide in NEW Jersey, Republican State Senate candidates captured 65,000 more votes than Democratic candidates but the GOP failed to capture a single seat; the Democrat 24-to-16 majority remained intact. Democrats won only 48% of the vote but walked away with 60% of the seats.

Did we miss Tom Moran’s crying and moaning over THAT particular result?

I Googled and came up empty so guessing not!

He also doesn’t seem to know (or care) that the GOP’s “hold” on our U.S. Senate exists only in his head; since FDR’s historic 1932 landslide victory, an 81-year span beginning in 1933 and continuing through the current Congress, my Republican Party has controlled the U.S. Senate for only 20 years… so only 1/4 of the time. The Democrat Party actually had a supermajority (60 or more seats) for 24 total years… 4 more years than the GOP’s total years in control through present day.

You have every right to be upset, Tom. Your side got spanked this year. Bad. And even though I think you’re crazy for saying so, advocacy for pure democracy in America isn’t new or unique. All I’m asking is that you at least try to get your history right! It’d be nice if your paper’s editorial board regained some semblance of credibility as something other than a second-rate Leftist think tank before it inevitably folds.

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