This is the America They Don’t Think Exists

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

The Left never tires of telling Americans what’s wrong with them, Save Jerseyans. Even at this special time of year. Heck, President Obama has spent six years doing almost nothing but complaining about the people he’s supposed to serve! To our faces and other people, too, though it’s never stopped him from spending our money.

I’m sure some of you have ex’s who fit that description! You’re in good company.

But I digress. This video (see below) went Internet viral over the last few days and reminded me of the caliber of people we have out there across the fruited plains. Watch; you’ll feel better for it:

Holiday magic indeed!

But not unheard of. Never forget that you live in an exceptional full of exceptional human beings, Save Jerseyans, most of all at Christmas. Don’t let them rob you of the truth. It’s not our DNA so much as our values; we’re a self-association of individuals who believe in an ideal, and most of us at least try to live it (the “layaway angel” certainly leads the class).

For every awful grinch out there who populates the evening news, there’s a gaggle of layaway angels working to help others. 

What separates us from the Left? In terms of attitude? Well, for starters, we believe there would be more layaway angels – and less Americans would need layaways to begin with – if government would get out of the way and stop waylaying our futures.

The Left doesn’t believe that. Their policies bear that out.

We’re optimists who believe in a higher power. They’re pessimists who are obsessed with power.

Bah humbug to them and may God bless us: everyone!


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