Is Ted Cruz on your short list?

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Ted CruzWould I consider voting for Ted Cruz, Save Jerseyans?

You bet. At this stage in GOP history, we can’t rule out anyone willing to fight. They’re rare as you’re ALL too well aware. Yet despite having a strong, vocal following outside of his home base of Texas, Ted Cruz has failed (thus far) to break out of the lower single-digit range in polling based on the hypothetical field.

We’re curious to know your thoughts:

Would you vote for Ted Cruz in the GOP primary? free polls

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14 thoughts on “Is Ted Cruz on your short list?

  1. Walker’s my man, but if Walker doesn’t run, I’d vote for Cruz.

  2. Probably. I like him a lot, but the nominee is already chosen before we get to vote in our NJ Primary.

  3. Yes.
    At Theodore, I suppose they were forced to vigorously applause as well… SMH. Try again.

  4. One of the three top candidates along with Walker and Paul. All TP by the way. Not one establishment GOP candidate in the game. If they are, the GOP is toast.

  5. I’m also keeping an eye on Mike Pence. He’s doing a pretty good job as governor of Indiana and has previous experience as a former congressman which adds up to a well-rounded resume.

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