LD1 veteran: Van Drew trying to “exploit” veterans “for political gain”

LD1 veteran: Van Drew trying to “exploit” veterans “for political gain”

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

The message from the LD1 GOP ticket on Tuesday was straightforward, Save Jerseyans: we respect our opponents but they don’t know the first thing about job creation.

Cape May Court HouseState Assemblyman Sam Fiocchi and running mate Jim Sauro were joined by supporters and veterans at the Old Cape May County Courthouse for a press conference designed to provide contrast with the all-veteran Democrat ticket in one of the state’s most hotly-contested districts and one of only two split ones.

“As a veteran who has served his country, I respect Bob Andrejczak and Bruce Land for their service, and honor them for it,” said Sgt. Carl R. Biletta, a veteran of the Korean War. “But what qualifications do they have to fix our economy? What experience do they have creating jobs or growing a business or making payroll?”

Respect for the candidates, however, doesn’t imply respect for the plan that brought them into the race. Citing state Senator Jeff Van Drew’s infamously crude theatrics, supporters also openly questioned the LD1 Democrat leader’s motivations in candidate selection.

“I’ve talked to other local veterans about this recently and they agree with me that Jeff Van Drew handpicks people like Bob and Bruce because they have very compelling personal stories that he can exploit for political gain,” Sgt. Biletta added. “Just look at the coverage of their campaign kickoff and the Senator’s remarks.  The reality is that this district needs representatives in Trenton who have experience growing a business and the know-how to offer solutions to fix what’s broken. The bottom line is that Sam Fiocchi and Jim Sauro have that experience, and Bob Andrejczak and Bruce Land do not.  When you measure these candidates against each other on the key issues of jobs and the economy, it’s not even close.  That should be what matters in this campaign.”

Land, a Vineland resident and decorated Vietnam veteran, is new to the Democrat ticket in 2015; his running mate, incumbent Bob Andrzejczak of Middle Township, is a veteran of the Iraq War.

4 thoughts on “LD1 veteran: Van Drew trying to “exploit” veterans “for political gain”

  1. Biletta is absolutely right. The major problem in NJ is the failing economy that is driving out businesses and anyone who can afford to leave. Death taxes, exit taxes, high property taxes? Public servants who work 25 years, retire in their 50s and collect inflated pensions for another 30+ years? Dwindling population in Cape May County and thousands of foreclosures in Atlantic County. We need people with a strong understanding of how a healthy economy is created and unfortunately, a military career, as noble as it is, might not be the best preparation for it.

  2. Ah Veterans, the other “political white meat”. A subject near and dear to my heart as a Vietnam Era vet with 15 years active and reserves. This was a tactic that was enhanced and improved by the Right Wing of the Republican since the era of the Rolling Thunder and various motorcycle/veterans clubs that were seen on the White House Lawn with G. Bush Jr. and folded into the mix. This goes all the way back to to Nixon and CREEP to reach out to vets as a voting block for his re-election.
    An interesting study that I saw some years backs was that Veterans in Republican controlled districts in S.Jersey received LESS Veterans Funding in their district that in Democrat districts. On the other hand we had Clinton and CARES, which is another story…….

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