“Anti-Politician” Trump raises money from notorious McGreevey Democrat (and released felon)

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Want to blow up the GOP? Vote for Donald Trump, Save Jerseyans. I can only help those who don’t want to be snookered.

But don’t tell me he’s not an “elite.” You’re insulting my intelligence.

donald_trumpHere’s a fun example: according to The New York Times, none other than Charles Kushner, a big time Democrat real estate developer and political financier for Jim McGreevey, threw a posh Jersey Shore party for the Donald on Sunday. Veteran New Jersey political watchers will also recall that Kushner is a felon who once went to jail “after pleading guilty to 18 felony counts of filing false tax returns, making illegal campaign donations and one count of retaliating against a witness.”

Mr. Kushner and his wife had previously given $100k to the pro-Trump super PAC, “Make America Great Again PAC.”

The man who put him behind bars? Chris Christie.

Now, to be fair, Trump’s daughter is married to Kushner’s son, Jared Kushner (formerly of PolitickerNJ fame), so we can’t begrudge the guy for associating with his in-laws. Fair enough? But at a time when the Donald is running his mouth, bragging about being immune from lobbyists’ influence, don’t make the mistake for one second of believing he doesn’t rub shoulders with some less-than-good-for-democracy money men and raise LOTS of money from self-interested parties.

He’s part of the establishment, too, just the same as Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton (the latter of whom you’ll recall attended his most recent wedding), only a different faction at the moment. 


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  1. So what are you telling us, Matt? That it’s time to throw our support (and several bags of Doritos) behind Gov. Pantload?

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