Christie on CNN: National teachers’ union deserves “punch in the face”

Christie on CNN: National teachers’ union deserves “punch in the face”

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

“The single most destructive force in public education in America.”

Sounding more like his old self, Save Jerseyans, that’s how Chris Christie described America’s national teaching union establishment this Sunday morning in a CNN interview conducted by Jake Tapper:

The NJEA promptly fired back by calling their state’s leader an “embarrassment” to New Jersey.

“Chris Christie has no credibility as a leader and he is an embarrassment to New Jersey,” said NJEA President Wendell Steinhauer in a released statement. “Our citizens deserve so much better. Even worse, he is a terrible role model to the children that our members work so hard to protect, nurture and educate.”

Protestations deprived of facts are cheap. There’s a mountain of evidence to back up the Governor’s assessment even if you don’t agree with the “punch” part (or his own chosen solutions, like PARCC); we even have these people on tape admitting they couldn’t care less about school quality when it conflicts with the union’s best interests.

Tell me which is more embarrassing: A crudely-crafted statement of truth? Or a crime shrouded in a velvet lie?

We’ll see if the Governor can make hay of this particular issue in Thursday’s upcoming prime time debate (his participation in which these comments were undoubtedly calculated to help shore up).


25 thoughts on “Christie on CNN: National teachers’ union deserves “punch in the face”

  1. Put the blame where it belongs and it not the Teachers! Its all the high salaries in education and not for teachers.look at salaries and title 1positions The Extra money schools get to give help to students with reading and math issues. Majority not being used for kids.

  2. Superintendent are paid very well. Don’t know their state comparison rating but I do know that New Jersey r teachers are paid highest in the country . After the 2011 reform they still only pay a very low pension contribution of 7.92% and 7.5 for healthcare while working and we average their highest last 3 years of salary for their inflated pension payments and they claim get free healthcare because they claim they were paid less but we already compensated by inflating their pension so it extremely unfair they get totally free retiree healthcare for average of 39 years with pensions taxpayers pay that is The taxpayer portion of 92 % which increases property tax bills highest in the country yet they protest for more demands us not to touch their Rich entitlements ! But you say we should t blame the teachers even if they protest to contribute more to pay their own way ? Is that right ? Left wing Politicians , NJEA unions leaders and members all refuse to compensate us and protests Are ok and they are not bullying us ? Dream on

  3. Gov. Christie would not be able to win because he would not be able to carry NJ in the general election if nominated and then how could he win the rest of country. Walter Mondale carried his home state of MN in 1984 at least. In 2012 Romney lost MA & MI where he grew up & they remembered his dad. NJ voted for Obama in 2012. Chris Christie easily won re-election in 2013 for governor. Almost 30% less voters showed up from 2012 to 2013. The math won’t add up for him or others unless they are more like Ronald Reagan. He said on CNN that the “national teacher union” endorsed Clinton already when it was only the American Federation of Teachers, not the NEA, yet. He does not even want to try to get his facts straight.

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