After 50k-strong do A.C. for Maroon 5, Kean renews push for entertainment tax credit

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Atlantic City doesn’t get much good press these days, Save Jerseyans, but for a second year in a row, its beach concerts have set attendance records.

Maroon 5 drew 50,000 on Sunday:

Sunday on the beach… with Maroon 50,000 and Nick Jonas. #maroon5ac #doac

Posted by Justin Pizzi on Monday, August 17, 2015

Our friend Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean seized on the weekend’s extraordinary attendance to push S-2721, first introduced in January 2015, a bill designed to draw more top performers to the Boardwalk Empire by awarding state tax credit when they perform at a New Jersey venue (anywhere in the state). 

Kean pointed out how Las Vegas, where they’re tripping over A-Listers, has no state income tax and is seeing its economy grow by leaps and bounds.

“The extraordinary attendance and revenue figures from Sunday’s Maroon 5 concert proves that we should immediately pass S-2721 that would repeatedly and consistently draw A-List performers to New Jersey,” he explained. “The more than 50,000 fans who paid to see A-List performer Maroon 5 give us a glimpse of how Atlantic City can transform into a premier entertainment destination, drawing tourists from the most-densely populated northeast corridor; two of America’s largest cities that are less than two hours away; and from around the world via nearby international airports. With S-2721, Sunday’s results wouldn’t be an exception. They would be the rule.”


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  1. Terrible idea. No more tax credits. We need lower taxes a simpler tax system and less regulation. Each tax credit however well meaning just means someone is getting a special deal that the rest of us pay for. Every town, every business and every student needs to be treated exactly the same.

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