8th grisly Planned Parenthood video drops: “Another 50 livers a week”

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

There is no rehabilitative “context” for these Planned Parenthood videos, Save Jerseyans, the latest of which comes to us after a court removed an injunction preventing the release of the groundbreaking undercover look at how America’s biggest baby killer does business.

This latest installment reportedly shows the CEO of StemExpress, LLC, a for-profit biotech supply company and “major buyer of fetal tissue from Planned Parenthood,” admitting to obtaining “a lot” of intact fetuses… and sooo much more…

“What would make your lab happy?” asks one of the actors.

“Another 50 livers a week,” responds CEO Cate Dyer. “We’re working with almost like triple digit number clinics, and we still need more.”

“Planned Parenthood has volume, because they are a volume institution,” she adds later on.

Watch, preferably long before (or after) you’ve had breakfast: 

Anger is growing; large protests dogged New Jersey’s Planned Parenthood sites over the weekend.


3 thoughts on “8th grisly Planned Parenthood video drops: “Another 50 livers a week”

  1. One surely must wonder why they need such a high volume of body parts; 50 livers a week. Do you think it’s strictly for research purposes? What might the next video reveal?

  2. Dr. Ben Carson has a wonderful petition regarding this and plan of solutions. Please check out his page or don’t; I’m a firm believe in freedom and homework. The Country is very sick; we need a Doctor in office. #healinspirerevive #imwithben! Semper fi! Shalom!!!

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