TOLERANCE: Hamilton Dem calls for age limits to silence young committee adversary

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

We all know that the Democrat obsession with “tolerance” is a one way street, Save Jerseyans. They’ll tolerate you until you disagree with their worldview (or conflict with their adopted narrative). Then all bets are off…

Exhibit A: here’s a clip for this week’s Hamilton Township (Atlantic County) committee meeting where Judith Y. Link (wearing green on the far right, ironically), one of two Democrats on the 3-2 Republican committee and a candidate for reelection in 2015, came out in favor of a higher age minimum for service on township committee. 

Her comments were clearly aimed at the woman to her right, Deputy Mayor Amy Gatto, who first ascended to the mayoral position at age 29 back in 2011. And last I checked Hamilton is still standing…


8 thoughts on “TOLERANCE: Hamilton Dem calls for age limits to silence young committee adversary

  1. If people would take the time to watch the discussion leading up to the exchange they would realize that Mrs. Link did not call for a ” age restriction” to run for Township Committee. A short video clip is a way to depict a situation as you want it be seen.

  2. The post was nothing short of political. I agree with Mr Gaskill. Mrs. Link was talking about age restrictions with reference to a senior board and basically referred to the committee not having one. The obvious example of that is Amy. I consider myself a pretty good friend to Amy. Good enough to let her know I didn’t agree with the post. Your post suggests you know about our town. I’m curious how? To be clear, I’m a registered Republican and pretty much a life long resident. Your post is a simple assumption. Assumptions are nothing more than the root of screw ups. I’d expect more from an attorney.

  3. Still waiting for my comment with the missing context to be approved by the moderator…. I would hope you’re not cherry picking comments to suit your spin.

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