NJ SAFE Conference: Bach, Nappen and More!

By John Willett | NJ Safe Conference

Hello Save Jerseyans! As you have visited the site over the past couple months, you may have noticed an advertisement for New Jersey’s first Second Amendment Conference.

It will feature figures like Scott Bach, Evan Nappen, Anthony Colandro, and Alexander Roubain, as well as a whole host of people from all around the NJ Second Amendment community.

NJ Safe ConferenceIn addition, we will feature two panel discussions. One on Targets of New Jersey Gun Law, which will feature Shaneen Allen, Steffon Josey, and Keith Pantaleon. Another panel discussion will focus on the 2nd Amendment community and will feature Arys Daniela, Tony Simon, and Sandra Muldoon.

Another session at the conference that I am particularly excited about is a New Jersey Firearms Law CLE class that will be taught by Evan Nappen, author of the New Jersey Gun Law Guide. For the lawyers among us, the class is pending approval for 2 Continuing Legal Education credits and costs $99. This class will begin at 9:00AM on October 3rd.

This event will be held a Cumberland County College in Vineland, NJ on October 3rd with the exhibits opening at 10:00AM. You can register for the conference online and be entered into a drawing for a beautiful flag display from NJ Concealment Furniture at NJSafeCon.net.

We’ll see you there!

Questions? Email me directly at info@NJSafeCon.net.