Christie taps Art Laffer’s chief operating officer as new N.J. Treasurer

Christie taps Art Laffer’s chief operating officer as new N.J. Treasurer

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

If his goal was to catch conservative eyes, Save Jerseyans, this might do it.

On Tuesday, Governor Chris Christie informally put forth the name of Ford M. Scudder, Chief Operating Officer of Laffer Associates, as the New Jersey State Treasurer to replace Acting Treasurer Robert A. Romano beginning November 9th. A formal nomination, subject to the advice and consent of the state senate, will come soon thereafter.

laffer curve
The Laffer Curve

“With over a decade of private sector experience at one of our country’s premier economic research and analytical institutions, Ford Scudder brings important insights and management experience to our seasoned team of Treasury professionals. The unique approach Ford brings will help build on my administration’s approach to responsible management of the state’s finances and prudent oversight of taxpayer funds,” said Governor Christie in a statement. “I look forward to his insights on fiscal and tax policy solutions that will continue growing our economy and bringing much-needed relief to the burden shouldered by New Jersey taxpayers.”

Scudder earned his Bachelor of Arts in Economics at Princeton University and a Masters of Business Administration from the Own Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University. Scudder has a familial Princeton geographical pedigree, too, but he’s best known to politicos as former Reagan Administration economist Arthur “Art” Laffer‘s friend, associate and ally. The pair work together as I mentioned above and have co-authored editorials arguing for policies from a supply-side perspective.

“As Milton Friedman taught, government spending is taxation—and therefore increases in government spending are increases in taxes,” Scudder and Laffer argued in a July 2012 Wall Street Journal piece trashing Obamacare. Sweeney will love that.

Fun fact: Laffer did not back Christie in ’09, opting to endorse then-Christie primary rival Steve Lonegan. Can Laffer’s top associate help the Governor make the most of his final fiscal leg in office?