Biden passes on 2016 run

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog

Well we have our answer, Save Jerseyans.

Vice President Joe Biden, at least initially citing the recent passing of his son, Beau Biden, held a Rose Garden press conference on Wednesday flanked by the President and his wife to announce his decision to pass on a 2016 presidential campaign. Biden said his family was probably in the right place notwithstanding their loss but that the window had closed, prompting speculation that he had simply waited too long. He then proceeded to give a long-winded defenses of the current administration and urged Democrats to run on the Obama “record.” Good luck with that!

Today’s biggest winner? Hillary Clinton.

The biggest loser? The Onion.


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3 thoughts on “Biden passes on 2016 run

  1. Well now they can concentrate on Hillary. One thing that the GOP candidates should do – even during the primary is NOT go after each other, but just talk about what THEY plan on doing and how it is different than the Democrats.

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