N.J. Assemblymen ask Christie for official #PoliceLivesMatter Day

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

The murder of a black New York policeman, Randolph Holder, is only the latest example of a worsening safety environment for American law enforcement, Save Jerseyans. And you and I know that there are politicians out there who share responsibility for fanning the flames of hatred.

Two New Jersey legislators want the Garden State to take a collective stand.

Assemblyman Parker Space (R-24) and his running mate, Gail Phoebus, announced that they’ve penned a letter to Governor Chris Christie asking for a state-wide “Police Lives Matter” Day every January 9th. A similar effort was recently launched in Texas.

You can view the letter (along with Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s resolution) here.

police car“I have always been proud to stand with the men and women in blue,” said Space. “Gail and I were asked by police officers to try and get New Jersey to issue a similar declaration that the Texas Governor signed.”

“This small token of appreciation will go a long way to show that New Jersey is proud of our law enforcement officers,” added Phoebus. “In addition to this show of support, if elected I will fight for pro-police legislation which Parker has helped initiate.”

Space and Phoebus are also backing other legislation perceived as friendly to law enforcement including one that would require police department to help facilitate permitting retired police officers to carry a firearms across state lines.


6 thoughts on “N.J. Assemblymen ask Christie for official #PoliceLivesMatter Day

  1. “worsening safety environment for American law enforcement?” What does that mean and who is behind it or causing it? The 2016 Elections? Great Idea for the PLM day but do not serve Donuts because a lot of Cops are overweight anyway serve Fruits and Veggies instead! Matt you the man!

  2. #AllLivesMatter! Whereas I agree police need to be recognized creating a #policelivesmatter day is going to give more attention to #blacklivesmatter and legitimize their violent/racist movement. I would rather see a Blue Day or as I saw in other states, residents putting up lawn signs saying “I support the blue”

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