Righteous Anger, Wrong Decision

By Alyssa LaFage | The Save Jersey Blog

Setting aside the endorsement drama – they rarely matter to anyone other than the chattering class – after Thursday night’s debate performance one thing has been solidified in my mind, Save Jerseyans: what Trump lacks in substance he more than makes up for with insults, weird facial expressions and an un-presidential, egotistical attitude.

None of this is new, fair enough, but it was on full display thanks to Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz FINALLY turning up the heat! Albeit likely too late?

Far from being willing or able to clarify himself on any of the important issues like taxes, immigration or healthcare, Trump muddied the waters with more of the same, essentially saying he will make American great again by making “great deals,” drawing circles around states and making sure people aren’t dying in the streets because they don’t have healthcare:

After watching him in 10 debates, I am absolutely befuddled as to how anyone who considers them self a conservative or constitutionalist could support this man. I have yet to hear Donald speak about the constitution as a guide for how he would lead, or discuss how important it is to restore our system to a more limited federal government. If anything we hear the opposite. He wants to take more control in order to “get things done.” 

With all that being said I have a question for Trump supporters. What happens after Trump wins? Let’s say hypothetically that all of his tough talk and BS effectively woos a majority of the America people. What’s next for conservatism? The Republican Party? Do we storm the bastille, lynch all the RINOs and burn down the RNC? 

trumpWhere do we go from here when your candidate supports a healthcare mandate, eminent domain, praises Planned Parenthood as “wonderful,” says his radically pro-abortion sister would be a “phenomenal” candidate for the Supreme Court, has said he will make deals with Democrats — I thought we hated the RINOs for that? — I could go on and on.

How the heck are you supporting a candidate that is and has supported everything you claim to hate?? 

I get it that you’re angry. I’m angry too. But the solution isn’t to throw your support behind a guy who has praised Hillary, and used the corrupt system to enrich himself just because he talks tough and isn’t afraid to call his opponents names on stage. 

But back to my question. What’s next after a Trump victory? Can you define his guiding principles that would ensure that America really is great again? What has he ever been consistent on? Other than being outspoken about his ever changing opinions. 

I want to hear from you. And just a side note, if you can’t communicate without vulgarities, name calling or threats… please keep your comments to yourself. Otherwise I invite you to weigh in. I’m looking forward to your perceptive and engaging comments. 


4 thoughts on “Righteous Anger, Wrong Decision

  1. My thoughts completely and I have been arguing about this for months. I was even referring to him as PT Barnum back in November. I will vote with my conscience though in November and if Trump is the nominee – I am doing a write-in vote. There is NO WAY I am voting for an egomaniac and wannabe dictator.

    As for any comment about the Constitution. In a way Trump did mention that or at least that he basically doesn’t care at all about the Constitution. He said that he will use executive orders and that Obama set the precident. He will be just as bad as Obama and will wipe his @$$ with the Constitution.

    I am as shocked and outraged that people who supposedly want someone who will follow the principles of Republicanism are supporting Trump.

  2. How much actual research do you do on Trump? Do you listen to ALL his speeches or just pundits? Have you read his books? Do you talk or listen to the people that have know him for years? How about Roger Stone for one. The political ruling class does a great job of misinformation on people they cannot control.

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