Save Jersey’s Gilson talks #1A and new media in Hoboken

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1st amendment matt gilson
Matt Gilson

Internet chatter is fun, Save Jerseyans, but this weekend Save Jersey contributor Matt Gilson was bringing our message to a live audience.

Matt was a guest speaker for the Hudson County Young Republicans’ “First Amendment Celebration” in Hoboken. Speaking to a packed house, Gilson was one of several bloggers who addressed the event about the importance of not only the first amendment but also the need for local political news coverage.

“Click on any website and you can find out about the people running for president,” said Gilson, “but people are also looking for a place where they can find out about who is running for office in their local community.”

He also stressed the need for this valuable service and the vacuum that local political blogs can fill. In a place like Hudson County, it takes courage to speak out against the machine that have run that area since the days of Frank Hague. Other speakers concurred about the need for moral local coverage with some of the other speakers going as far as to say their respective workwas the only coverage in their area which departed from the establishment media view point. 

Save Jersey was happy to be a part of this exciting event and hope there are many more similar to come in the future. We thank Hudson County Young Republican Chair and former Save Jersey contributor Josh Einstein for hosting this important dialogue.



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