REPORT: Newark turned away ’03 federal offer to combat lead in water

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

faucet-glass_456pxDemocrat attempts to spin Newark’s lead crisis into another Detroit-like cudgel to attack Republicans just hit a major snag, Save Jerseyans.

“Newark officials rejected the federal government’s help to combat lead contamination in school water supplies more than a decade ago, WNYC has learned. But some school workers said the safety protocols that Newark implemented were not followed consistently in the school system’s aging buildings,” explained a brand new WNYC report out today.

In other words, the Administration of George W. Bush tried to help but Sharpe James-era Newark said no thanks. Oops.

You can read the full report here.

Senate Republican Christopher “Kip” Bateman is taking the lead to address the crisis by pushing a $20 million lead abatement appropriation for the Newark water supply  and anywhere else the DEP deems necessary.


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  1. Nothing will happen to the Donks. Meanwhile, the NJ G0Pe will cringe like battered wives at the mere thought of being labeled “RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAcist” by the melanin-protected crowd and will fall over itself to give them money.

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