VIDEO: Christie continues talking up N.J. economy

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog

Is New Jersey’s falling unemployment rate mostly the result of regional job growth?

Unfortunately yes.

Thank the Democrat legislature for that.

But Governor Christie dropped by the UPS Technology Center Groundbreaking Ceremony on Tuesday and once again repped his state’s economy:


Governor Christie: There’s no question that we have to continue on the path and the policies that we’ve pursued that have gotten us here:

·         No tax increases for the last six years at the state level.

·         $2.3 billion in business tax cuts in the state that are now fully implemented.

·         A property tax cap that has now taken property taxes that were averaging 7% a year growth for ten years and now average 2% a year over the last six years.

This is all significant progress, not only for our citizens but also for the businesses who are affected by the cost of living in our state and by the cost of government most particularly at every level, from the municipal level all the way up through the state level, and so I want to thank the folks at UPS for their confidence in our state, because I know that confidence lies not necessarily in the government, because governments change as personalities change, but it lies in the people of this state, one of the most well-educated, well-prepared populations in any of the fifty states. They provide a base of employment here for UPS that allows them to meet the standards that Juan talked about in his remarks that your founders set a long time ago. You cannot keep your eye on the horizon if you don’t have people with vision, and that vision comes from a great education, great ambition, and a great work ethic, and that’s what the people of New Jersey bring to UPS and all of our other private sector partners every day here in the state, and so I’m really proud and happy to be here. I also bring greetings from the Lieutenant Governor, who is as you know the number one advocate for private sector business in the state, and I bring greetings from her as well, because I know she and her staff at the Department of State worked incredibly hard along with the EDA to help to make today possible, so thank you all for being here, and I look forward to the groundbreaking, but more importantly I look forward to being here for a ribbon cutting so that we can get people in that new facility working and making the great service that UPS already provides its customers even better. Thank you all very much.


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  1. I’m sorry. The man can’t help it. He is sick. Give the poor man some slack. He suffered an emotional breakdown after he suspended his presidential run. The poor Governor had his
    Laparoscopic Gastric Sleeve Surgery tied to tight and can’t slip a hoagie past anymore. He’ll never be the same.

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