Cruz wins Wisconsin

ted cruzBy The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog


Cruz – 51.7% (107,525)

Trump – 30.8% (63,995)

Kasich – 15.3% (31,760)

Cruz is on pace to win most of the state’s 42 delegates on the strength of a solid showing in Wisconsin’s conservative, highly-educated suburbs, for example, in Waukesha and Ozaukee counties.

Trump may still escape with a couple of delegates, however, since a significant portion of the 42 delegates are awarded at the district level…

Click here to see district-by-district live results.


2 thoughts on “Cruz wins Wisconsin

  1. “‘Call unto Me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things you do not know….I will bring health and healing to it; I will heal My people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security.'”
    Praise the Lord Almighty, Amen.
    God’s Glory & Grace at its Very Best ! !
    American’s Prayers & Efforts have paid back, we won ! !
    Ted Cruz has emerged as the only strong conservative Presidential candidate capable to Lead America with a team of Top Leaders to help guide him ! ! !
    Ted Cruz for President of America 2016,
    Rising Tide Lifts All. We will cross the next Bridge when we get to it, together as united America ! !

    –**– The competition freaking scared of loosing the election therefore spreading BS in the hope of bullying their way to the WH. Those are not the kind of Leadership qualities required to be a President of this Great Nation ! !
    Multi Media tried their level Best by keep talking about the Play ground bully, want to shove down our throat who ever gives them $ $ $ and betray American Freedom and liberty ! ! Power hungry Media can’t be trusted, ever ! !

    American Patriotic Party, the party of Patriotic Americans, willing to serve America to protect it.

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