Big Labor goes after Jersey Shore Democrat over the gas tax

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog

Labor union muscle is at the heart of the South Jersey Democrat Machine’s ability to project electoral power, Save Jerseyans, but when “red” district Democrats need to cast superficially-dissenting votes to save their own skin, things can get awkward.

Consider the new Engineers Labor-Employer Cooperative 825 ad running against Jeff Van Drew, the Democrat state senator representing New Jersey’s First Legislative District (Cape May and Cumberland counties). The spot savages Van Drew for opposing a gas tax hike backed by the union whose members would obviously benefit from more road dollars:

New Jersey already spends more per highway mile than almost every other state.

Is Labor taking a serious shot at the Democrat Senator? Or is this actually an attempt to help shore-up Van Drew for 2017 by creating distance between the Cape May Democrat and his liberal party superiors?