Top N.J. Pollster: “Cruz Zigged While the GOP Electorate Zagged”

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog

cruz fiorinaPatrick Murray of the New Jersey-based Monmouth University Polling Institute believes Ted Cruz may’ve out-maneuvered himself in the fight to stop Donald Trump, Save Jerseyans.

Here’s the meat of Patrick’s latest analysis:

In the first four contests held in February, Republican voters were divided – 49 percent wanted an outsider while 45 percent favored someone with political experience.  The preference for an insider fell off in early March’s Super Tuesday primaries – with 49 percent still wanting an outsider but only 41 percent looking for political experience.


By the mid-March primaries, a 52 percent majority of GOP voters preferred a political outsider compared to 41 percent who still wanted an experienced politician.  The gap widened in the April contests, with nearly 6-in-10 Republicans (59 percent) wanting an outsider and just 37 percent favoring an insider.  In yesterday’s Indiana primary, the results for this question stood at 59 percent outsider and 35 percent insider.

The Cruz recasting gambit worked to the extent that he was ultimately seen as the establishment candidate – 68 percent of Indiana Republicans who want an insider voted for him.  In the very first contest of 2016 – the Iowa caucuses – Marco Rubio was actually the preferred candidate of voters wanting someone with political experience, even though Cruz was the overall winner on the night.

However, Donald Trump has been the favored choice of GOP voters looking for a true outsider since the very beginning of the primary season.  He won 46 percent of this group’s vote in Iowa, culminating with a 78 percent showing in Indiana three months later.”

“In retrospect, Cruz’s pivot to being the face of the establishment was a mistake.  Cruz ceded the outsider mantle to Trump at the very same time the Republican base’s desire for an outsider grew,” added Murray.

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2 thoughts on “Top N.J. Pollster: “Cruz Zigged While the GOP Electorate Zagged”

  1. Here’s the irony that completely escaped Patrick Murray: Cruz – who is universally despised by the G0Pe leadership because he refuses to compromise his conservative principles for political expediency – is the Establishment Outsider and wouldn’t even THINK of packaging himself as the “face of the establishment.”

    Trump – who routinely purchased political favor from Democrat and Republican politicians while cozying up to them at cocktail parties, wedding receptions and other social gatherings – is the Ultimate NY Establishment insider.

    Congratuations, Trumpsters: you helped elect the Capo de Tutti Capi of Crony Capitalism who, be assured, will reach across the aisle and do fabulous deals with the Establishment of both parties.

  2. And don’t you G0Pe dopes and RINO stooges think for one second that you will scoot away into the shadows.

    We Conservatives have very good memories. YOU created the Trumpenstein.Monster. Now prepare yourselves for the destruction that will follow.

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