Trumpies ready to open N.J. headquarters

trump corzineBy The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog

The Donald’s forces are preparing to gear up in New Jersey as the state’s June 7th primary inches closer.

Their headquarters is located at 3910 Park Avenue, Unit 5 in Edison, New Jersey, and the grand opening is scheduled for this Tuesday, May 3rd at 6:30 for an Indiana Primary returns party.

The Indiana results could determine whether Trump needs New Jersey’s 51 bound delegates. The latest polling, however, suggests that the New York Democrat Republican is pulling away notwithstanding Ted Cruz picking up the endorsement of popular sitting Governor Mike Pence.

And yes, loyal Trumpkin foot soldiers, they’re giving away free “Trump: Make America Great Again” t-shirts if you present a digital ticket at the door!


No word yet whether Steve Sweeney will show up to endorse his brother from another mother.

Tickets are available here.


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  1. Actually, this monster was created by President Obama. These Trump whackos are so gung ho after the 7 years of no hope and no change that if a parrot happened to say the things Trump has said they would vote for it. It’s sad

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