Guadagno wades into Gas Tax Debate: “We can’t increase taxes” as a starting point

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog

The front runner for the 2017 N.J. GOP gubernatorial nomination isn’t ready to come down definitively one way or the other as Big Labor and its allies push for a gas tax hike, Save Jerseyans, at least in terms of what a final resolution to the problem should look like.

She does have strong opinions regarding how the process should start.

Appearing Thursday morning on NJ 101.5 with radio host Bill Spadea, Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno described higher taxes generally as unacceptable but “defended the honor” of Republican State Senator Steven Oroho who, earlier this week, proposed a gas tax hike as part of a fix for the state’s strained transportation trust fund.

“We can’t afford any more taxes. We’re most taxed state in the country. What the problem is, is no one is coming to the table,” Guadagno explained on air. “The Republicans are at least coming up with ideas.”

Christie has been similarly non-committal as of late, telling reporters that it’s incumbent upon the Democrat legislature to present a plan.

Guadagno did agree with Spadea that the starting point must be “we can’t increase taxes” in any type of negotiations between the parties in Trenton



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