Trenton’s #1 economic victim: Ocean City, New Jersey?

Photo credit: Connor Kurtz
Photo credit: Connor Kurtz

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

It surprised no one (I hope?) when the latest Mercatus Center report came out this week, Save Jerseyans, ranking New Jersey’s fiscal condition as the 48th worst in the country.

What’s lost, I think, in the endless parade of negative headlines cataloguing Trenton’s poor stewardship of New Jersey’s economy and finances is the human toll. What it means for you, and me, on a daily basis as we trying to live our lives in a badly mismanagement socialist nirvana.

Enter another less-discussed study also released this week, this time from Pew Research Center, which examined where wages are worth the most (and least) in the United States.

Guess which town topped the national list?

Biggest and smallest U.S. paychecks, after cost-of-living adjustment

“The smallest adjusted wage is found in Ocean City, New Jersey, which has both one of the lowest unadjusted average wages ($640 a week) and a cost of living that’s 8.4% above the national average,” Pew’s researchers concluded. “Together, that makes the area’s adjusted average weekly wage just $590.”

Thousands of you will visit Ocean City’s boardwalk, shopping district, pizzerias or pristine beaches before the summer is over.

Remember that you’re visiting not just a fantastic family resort, but also one of the Trenton crowd’s top victims. Their policies and blundering continue to hold us back. Imagine what we could accomplish, at both ends of the Garden State Parkway, by cleaning house and starting over?