A Tale of Two Candidates

By Joe Sinagra | The Save Jersey Blog

Our Constitution is great. But it doesn’t necessarily give us the right to commit suicide.”

~ Donald Trump

Trump is not a Conservative by a long shot and is probably more middle of the road.

He has been a Republican three times, a Democrat once, a member of the Independence Party once and, for a short span, had no party identification at all. Trump rejoined the Republican Party just before the 2012 election; he hasn’t missed a vote since then.

trump hillary yellingIn 2014, at least 70% of Republicans and Republican leaners did not believe the GOP was doing a good or excellent job in standing up for its traditional positions of smaller government, tax-cutting and conservative social values.

The Republican Party itself has changed course with values and principles over the last few elections and has strayed from its core values.

Even Tea Party Republicans do not see the GOP as especially conservative for standing up for traditional positions.

The nation’s people have moved on and the GOP party has not move with them.

Perhaps one of the biggest factors Republican voters see is their party’s disconnect between modern values and traditional conservative values. America is not falling into an abyss of decadence;America has become more diverse and the party needs to embrace that diversity. The GOP can change while at the same time still follow its traditions.

There are Republicans who claim they aren’t going to vote for Trump, won’t vote at all, vote for someone else or will vote Democrat.

In essence, they themselves will change party, will not register, not vote, or affiliate with any party therefore making themselves no more different that the candidate’s registration process.

I consider myself a conservative, but I also must be flexible in conservative beliefs to understand others. To be rigid and inflexible is a surefire way to lose an election in a diversified nation.

When left with two choices in any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing.

Some Republicans would be happier losing the race on principle rather than focusing on stopping Hillary Clinton.

We get to choose what we do about it.


Joe Sinagra
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Joe is a U.S. Air Force veteran, small businessman and former candidate for the New Jersey legislature and New Jersey’s 12th Congressional District. He continues to actively work for GOP causes and candidates in the Central New Jersey region.