BREAKING: FBI scolds Clinton for “reckless” handling of classified info

BREAKING: FBI scolds Clinton for “reckless” handling of classified info

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog

After reviewing 30,000 e-mails supplied back in 2014, Save Jerseyans, FBI Director James Comey announced Tuesday morning that his department had identified 110 emails had classified information, 8 chains contained top secret information, 36 had “secret” information and 8 contained confidential information (the lowest level of classification); 2000+ were “up-classified” to confidential.

The end result of the #EmailGate investigation?

comeyWhile the FBI didn’t find intentional wrongdoing, the Director described then-Secretary Hillary Clinton and her staff’s handling of sensitive e-mails as “reckless.”

It sounded like a non-criminal indictment as the veteran law man detailed an extensive pattern of mishandling of American secrets by the presumptive Democrat nominee and her State Department underlings. Comey ultimately told reporters assembled to hear his findings that “no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case” despite what he described as the existence of at least some evidence of statutory violations.

The ultimate decision nevertheless rests with the Department of Justice (DOJ). Bill Clinton met with the Attorney General not long beforehand….

The unorthodox press conference comes after Hillary Clinton interviewed with the FBI over the Fourth of July holiday weekend….