VIDEO: Christie says #NeverTrump GOP’ers “working for Hillary” as RNC faces rules vote

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Republicans opposing Donald Trump‘s nomination may have enough support for a rules vote from the floor on Monday evening, Save Jerseyans, but earlier today in remarks to Michigan Republicans gathered in a Cuyahoga Falls ballroom earlier in the day, Governor Chris Christie strongly admonished Republicans who wouldn’t commit to the presumptive nominee.

“I signed that pledge. It is unacceptable to me, and it should be unacceptable to you, that anyone who signed that pledge is not now adhering to that pledge,” Christie said, his voice rising, referring to the RNC’s loyalty pledge signed by the 2016 GOP primary field.“If you’re not working for Donald Trump, you’re working for Hillary. That’s the bottom line.”

Watch (h/t APP):