More Bridgegate drip: How Team Christie courted Team Fulop

Steven Fulop
Steven Fulop

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog

Bridgegate is the gift that keeps on giving on N.J. political journalists.

Last week, a filing by co-defendant, former state Senator Bill Baroni, revealed that a former senior Christie staff believer her former boss was lying about his staff’s involvement in the closure of Fort Lee’s G.W. Bridge lanes.

The whole thing was allegedly an act of political retaliation when that city’s Democrat mayor refused to endorse the GOP Governor’s reelection bid.

Now? Newly-released emails contained in Baroni’s court filings indicate “allies of Gov. Chris Christie pressured soon-to-be Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop to endorse the Republican’s re-election bid, becoming closely involved in a messy lease dispute between the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and the Democrat’s then employer.

The Fulop-Bridgegate story line isn’t new but these e-mails put meat on the bones and are sure to give the scandal a few extra miles worth of life particularly given the fact that Fulop is an all-but announced candidate for governor next year.

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