Dem House Hopeful’s Campaign Promotes His Brother’s Book On Facebook

New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District used to be one of the region’s most competitive House seats.

Used to be. Before Frederick John LaVergne won this year’s Democrat nomination.

LaVergne of Burlington County may be America’s most hapless congressional hopeful. Seriously. Out of all 50 states and 435 House districts. His personal issues have been the only newsworthy aspect of his campaign; widely-publicized Chapter 13 Bankruptcy woes and allegations of campaign office rent avoidance don’t exactly validate the “any press is good press” proverb.

This latest hiccup won’t help change the narrative.

Apparently, the financially-challenged LaVergne campaign is using its limited resources to promote the candidate’s brother’s new book on its official Facebook page:


Author Eugene Martin LaVergne is another former federal candidate and, like his brother, an all-around colorful public personality. The book itself argues for a 6,000-member U.S. House of Representatives according to its Amazon description.

The paperback edition costs $49.95.